Your Election Cocktail Ballot

Your Election Cocktail Ballot

Your Election Cocktail Ballot

Election Day is finally here. While we decide on the fate of the free world (one way or the other, we can all agree on that, right?), we have a much less important but, we hope, far more enjoyable vote for you to make: Which of our election cocktails do you like best? You cast your ballot by drinking. Feel free to vote for more than one.

On the ballot, we have


Great Again: vodka, grenadine, and lime.

Perhaps a bit flamboyant, but many are saying that it’s the best cocktail ever. You’re going to love it.


I’m With Her: gin, sweet vermouth, fernet, and bitters.

Some say it’s just what we need, others find it to be bitter medicine.


Swing State: rye, cherry, and maple.

Don’t let it be said our best days of manufacturing are over.


Russsian Hack: vodka, vermouth di Torino, bitters

Vodka infiltrates the Manhattan.


Build that Wall: tequila, pear brandy, apple cider

A cross-border collaboration while we still can.

Roberts & June