Where You Should Be Drinking: Nooshi

Where You Should Be Drinking: Nooshi

Where You Should Be Drinking: Nooshi

Before we moved to DC, everyone consistently told us about one thing: happy hour. The happy hour scene is great! It’s what everyone does. Just you wait. Comments like these made us think we would get along with DC just fine, and we have. However, we quickly discovered that while all of the above are, in fact, true, most happy hours feature discounted wine, beer, or shelf liquors and soda.

Nooshi however is one of the few happy hours that discounts their cocktails. You can guess that we would think about this favorably. As we mentioned, Storm Jonas gave us time to catch up on the neighborhood happy hour scene. When our friends told us endless good things about happy hour in DC, they failed to mention that it’s still no easier in DC to leave your job by 5 in order to make it to happy hour. Again, thank you Storm Jonas.

Nooshi has a warm downstairs for dining, a neon upstairs for drinking, and the most fabulous of patios (well it was covered in snow, but it looked like it would be fabulous on a 50 degree warmer day).

What We Ordered

 Saketini: vodka, sake, vermouth

Lemon Sake Martini: sake, limoncello

What We Thought

We followed the when in rome principal and decided to fully embrace all-things-sake. As it turns out sake is an excellent addition to a martini, so much so that it’s possible that we like martinis better with sake and sake better in a martini. Equally so, sake turns out to be a great companion for the very potent and sweet spirit that is limoncello. While limoncello often feels like a bit much on its own (unless we’re thinking of it strictly as our dessert for the evening), the sake evened it out, lightened it up and meant that we would probably have kept drinking it all night–if OPM (that’s the Office of Personnel Management, for you non-feds) hadn’t just released it’s alert that it would in fact be open the next day. Shucks.

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