Where to Drink: Mockingbird Hill

Where to Drink: Mockingbird Hill

The other day we told you our sweet sappy sentiments about our birthday dinner at the Red Hen. That was how we celebrated our shared-birthday-month with family. With friends, we celebrated here, for pre-dinner drinks at Mockingbird Hill.

Last month, we devoted an entire week to telling you about the ins and outs and barrier walls (and, no, that’s not a contraceptive) of fortified wines, and by far the best part was an excuse to buy and sip bottles of sherry. Thus, taking us to a sherry cocktail bar is like leading a horse to water. While Mockingbird Hill boasts in fabulous cocktails and innovative uses of sherry, they do lack a bit in basic bar management (getting our check was a 20 minute ordeal, and they kept forgetting drinks that our friends ordered). But everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Back to the sherry.

It took us forever to decide what to order. We’re pretty sure we would have liked absolutely everything on the menu, but we were quite pleased with our choices. In fact we’d like to drink both of these right now. Somehow we limited ourselves to just one round, meaning were eager to go back and try the rest of the menu. Let us know if you want to join. Seriously. It’s right around the corner from one of our offices; we could be there with five minutes warning.

What We Ordered:

Roberts & June