Where to Drink in Santa Fe: The Staab House at La Posado

Where to Drink in Santa Fe: The Staab House at La Posado

Where to Drink in Santa Fe: The Staab House at La Posado

When I scoured the internet for a place to stay in Santa Fe, I quickly discovered the possibilities were endless. Do you want a place that is adorable or stunning or utterly unique? They’re all options! This place, or this one, or this one, or this one, or that one.

La Posado was one that I discovered during my searching. But since I was looking for a room for Presidents’ Day weekend, which also was over Valentine’s Day, 4 days ahead of time this place was long booked. But everyone talked about this hotel’s well-known bartender and their great cocktail menu.

As an aside, I ended up staying here and I cannot say enough good things! Absolutely adorable!

La Posado is grand and feels almost like a sophisticated chateau moved into the Southwest. It’s the perfect combination of the two. The Staab House, their bar, is on the 2nd floor. There’s a fireplace and oversized leather chairs and a number of small rooms, perfect for snuggling up with a SO or for a private conversation with a group of friends.  But then you have views out the large glass windows of the stunning Southwestern flora and fauna.

Their cocktail menu follows suit. Half of their menu is a great line up of all the classics while the other half is entirely margaritas.

What I Ordered

Market Gimlet: vodka, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, tarragon agave, cucumber

What I thought

Having been in the Southwest for upwards of two weeks, I was delighted by the site of some classic cocktails, though their margaritas did look quite enticing. The drink was fresh, crisp, and quite smooth. It had a quiet complexity about it that I loved. I felt like I was drinking something interesting and comforting all at once.

Should you go?

The Staab House is the perfect place if you’re looking for perfectly crafted classic cocktails. They’re not doing things like infusing rosemary into your teqila or misting brandy over your drink, but they know what they’re doing and do it well. You’ll know what you’re ordering and be able to sip it in the coziest of environments.



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