The Orchard Highball Cocktail Recipe

The Orchard Highball Cocktail Recipe

The Orchard Highball Cocktail Recipe

Like all good urbanites of a certain type, there’s nothing we like better as a way to celebrate autumn than getting out into the countryside and pretending we’re farmers for half a day, picking our own apples and pumpkins and taking tractor rides through the fields. When we lived in Boston, there would be veritable traffic jams on the way to the nearest orchards–traffic jams we were thankfully able to avoid by getting there ourselves by bike. Last year, our first orchard visit in DC was a fantastic one. We found a farm that skipped out on the apple picking, but added a pumpkin cannon, pig races, and pumpkin drops from a crane.

One of our favorite parts of these orchard visits is sitting out in the crisp, cool weather with a cup of mulled cider and a fresh cider donut. It hasn’t been quite chilly enough in DC yet for mulled cider; so we thought we’d create a cocktail with that same crisp, cool feeling.

In this variation on the Moscow Mule, hard apple cider plays the part usually performed by ginger ale. We didn’t want to lose the ginger, though; so we use a ginger liqueur in place of vodka. A splash of grenadine adds a little something extra to the mix.


  • 2 oz ginger liqueur
  • 4 oz hard apple cider–of a dry variety, if possible
  • 1 T grenadine


  • Mix all ingredients in a highball glass.
  • Add ice.

Roberts & June