the carrot margarita & our love for the Beehive

the carrot margarita & our love for the Beehive

Where to Drink: The Beehive

In a former life both us worked on Sundays. We worked on Sundays because we were pastors at a church. There are a lot of great things about working at a church, but how it affects Sunday brunch is not one of them. Brian proposed to me on the most perfect of July summer days on the banks of the Charles River. It was a Sunday, morning to be exact, and you can bet I was surprised as he was scheduled to be the one giving the sermon that morning (you should know my sense of duty was high by the fact that I’m pretty sure the first thing I asked after saying “yes” was “But who is preaching?!?!”). The Beehive only serves brunch on Sunday so after getting engaged and having a free Sunday in front of us we went to the Beehive.

You can see why it has a special place in our hearts? Thus, during our month-long-say-goodbye-to-Boston tour we had to come here to make our peace. Their brunch menu doesn’t frequently change, but with smokey shakshuka, quiche as fluffy as the clouds, and poutine so rich that you swear you’ll never have to eat again, there is really no reason for it to. Their cocktail offerings however do rotate seasonally.

What we Drank

In our hunt for the world’s best Bloody Mary we order one 99% of the time we go out for brunch, and this was no exception. For drink number 2 however we went with the bold choice of the carrot margarita. I had a slight obsession with carrots when I was 20, and while I’ve backed off the vegetable quite a bit, I’d never seen it used in a drink and had to try it.

What We Thought

The verdict: their Bloody Mary is awesome. Order it. We like theirs for the consistency and what tastes like a skosh more horseradish than the average Mary.

The carrot margarita: Props on the presentation (black salted rim!), and we like bold drink attempts; however we weren’t convinced that this drink would be winning any awards. Carrot flavor is pretty pungent and pretty sweet and while the tequila and lime gave it some balance it still mostly tasted like you were drinking kind of funky carrot juice. We think carrot might have worked better in a distinctly sweet drink with orange juice and a top of champagne, with a vodka base, or as a completely savory drink, maybe as a dirty martini iteration.

Regardless it wasn’t a total win on the cocktail front, but Beehive you’ll always have our love.

Roberts & June