Some News! & a drink to ring in the weekend.

Some News! & a drink to ring in the weekend.

The weekend is here! Has this week felt long to anyone else? Ours has been full, but of entirely good things So who’s to complain (except our distant friend, Sleep)? The Pope. The subsequent one time only Federal Pope Holiday as half the city had to ‘work from home’ given the number of road closures. Friends in town. A newly engaged sister. See all good things.

One of the highlights, and some news that we’re excited to share with you, was going to our member orientation at Union Kitchen.

Starting October 1, we’ll be joining the awesome team and community as a member at Union Kitchen. Union Kitchen is a food incubator that exists to support and grow small businesses. We had two initial highlights during our tour of their new Ivy City location:

  1. The first, is the walk-in refrigerator that is literally larger than our apartment.
  2. The second is that everything (as you might guess from the aforementioned refrigerator) is about scale (‘scale’ <– grad students, small businesses, and people with big dreams love that word). Once you cook for 150 people in your less-than-full-size urban oven, you will appreciate the childlike glee that platform for scale brings.

unionkitchenWe’re still in a bit of shock about how serendipitously we found them and just how perfect of a partner they are for us as we continue to hone how we can help people like you drink and party better.

Read more about Union Kitchen here, here, and here.


And now to help you kick off the first official weekend of fall a drink of the week!


The Spicy Mezcalita (hold the mezcal)

We’re slowly starting to embrace the coming fall (currently experimenting with, flagging, and curating any and all ‘fall’ cocktails we can find. Stay tuned!). But during this middle period when summer is drifting and fall is arriving, this liminal drink does the trick. It calls for mezcal, which is a super smokey cousin to tequila. I tried liking mezcal and will probably try again but often I find that I only like it when it’s masked by 17 other ingredients. And that just didnt feel like the best relationship for either me or mezcal. So we nixed the mezcal, added more tequila and voila! A limey, spicy, refreshing drink to unwind at the end of a week.  It’s pretty close to a margarita, but not as sweet and of course a fair amount spicier.

Serves 2 // Adapted from Shake by Eric Prum & Josh Williams


  • 4.5 oz tequila
  • 2.25 oz cointreau
  • 2..25 oz lime juice
  • 2 slices of fresh jalepeno (plus more to garnish)
  • 2 slices of fresh lime (to garnish)


  • Combine the tequila, cointreau, lime juice and 2 slices of jalapeno in the shaker.
  • Add ice to above the level of the liquid and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. (This shaking does many things and in this case not the least of which is extracting the spicy jalapeno flavor).
  • Add ice to 2 low ball glasses, preferably one large cube of ice each.
  • Strain cocktail into prepped glasses.
  • Garnish with remaining lime and jalapeno.


  • If you think you’d actually like the smokiness, replace 1.5 oz of the tequila with mezcal. Mezcal is an unlikely bottle #9, but who are we to judge?
  • Be forewarned, the jalapeno gets stronger as the drink sits. This one is best consumed while it’s still cold, and while the chile level is still tolerable.


Roberts & June