No Jacket Required Cocktail Recipe

No Jacket Required Cocktail Recipe

No Jacket Required Cocktail Recipe

On our trip to Eatbar, the No Jacket Required really caught our eye, though we weren’t quite in the mood for it that particular night. It stuck in our minds, though, and we’ve actually made it for ourselves several times since. Mind you, not having tasted or even seen the EatBar original, we’re to a certain extent guessing. So, you might call this inspired by No Jacket Required–an Agent Provocateur, perhaps?

Given the ingredient list (very short, including sugar), we surmised that the No Jacket Required would be made in the old fashioned style. Old fashioneds generally involve a spirit, a bitter, some type of sugar, and ice. In this particular drink, at least as we conceived of it, amaro (which means ‘bitter’ in Italian after all) plays a dual role, serving in the place of both spirit and bitter. With the addition of absinthe, what we get is an Italian variation on the Sazerac.

We like this simple, sweet and spicy drink so much we may never try the original now. We don’t want to have our image of it punctured.


  • 2 oz amaro–we’ve tried a number, including the rather sweet Montenegro, the sour Cardamaro, and the bitterly spicy Averna. They were quite different from one another and all delicious.
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp water
  • 1 tsp absinthe


  • Wash an old fashioned glass with the absinthe by swirling the absinthe around the glass to leave a thin absinthe coat.
  • Depending on how much you like absinthe, either discard the remainder or let a little sit on the bottom of the glass.
  • Add sugar and water to the bottom of the glass. Stir to dissolve the sugar, as gently as possible so as to not disturb the absinthe wash.
  • Add amaro and stir gently once again to mix.
  • Add ice.

Roberts & June