Lillet Fizz Cocktail Recipe

Lillet Fizz Cocktail Recipe

Lillet Fizz Cocktail Recipe

On Valentine’s Day,  we mentioned that our long search for Lillet Rose had finally ended at Astor Wines on our recent trip to New York. We’ve continued to enjoy this unique aromatized wine, which has quickly become our favorite of the Lillet family. We’re still exploring its uses, but so far have found that it works especially well in highballs of various sorts. The liveliness of its flavor comes out even more strongly when bubbles are involved.

We particularly enjoyed it as the base of this variant on the Picon Fizz. It’s a drink that’s light in alcohol, mild in flavor, but not at all dull. One of the things that makes this drink work is a careful layering of flavors, by way of a double float: first soda is floated over the Lillet, and then brandy over the soda. This allows each of the three ingredients to make something of a separate entrance, making the brandy more prominent in flavor than its small amount would indicate.


  • 2 oz Lillet Rose
  • 1/2 oz VSOP Cognac brandy
  • 4 oz club soda


  • Pour the lillet into the bottoms of a highball glass.
  • Add ice to the top of the glass.
  • Gently pour in the soda, to float it over the top of the Lillet.
  • Likewise, float the brandy over the top of the soda.

Roberts & June