Where to Drink in Hollywood: Goldie’s  w. HOOCH

Where to Drink in Hollywood: Goldie’s  w. HOOCH

West Coast (Cocktail) Swing: Goldie’s, Hollywood

We’re recapping the best and brightest of L.A. cocktail bars, a West Coast (cocktail) Swing if you will, and today we travel to Goldie’s in Hollywood. (technically Goldie’s is right in between West Hollywood–aka “WeHo”–to the North, Beverly Hills to the West, and LaBrea to the East but details, details; Hollywood it is).

We went to Goldie’s thanks to our friends at Hooch. We met Hooch on the beloved world of Instagram, and we immediately loved what they’re about. They help you explore new bars and drink great cocktails; and most importantly your $9.99 monthly subscription gets you a free cocktail. Every. Single. Day. Seriously, what?

Sadly, they haven’t expanded to DC yet, but they hooked us up with a trial run during our time in LA. Thanks, Hooch! (You can bet I’ll be finding ways to incorporate that phrase into my everyday). Their app is clean and straightforward. You can search by neighborhood and then scroll through to see what drinks are being offered that night. For instance, I did this search of nearby restaurants while I was in Beverly Hills getting my nails done:



It can be super-intimidating to read a page worth of 9 point font with names of things you don’t really understand. Hooch took the guesswork and panic out of ordering, helpfully narrowing my options and giving me a nice preview of what I could be drinking. Seriously we love everything about it, and if you live Austin, Dallas, LA, Miami or NYC then you must go now and download the app. Seriously, for less than the price of one drink you can get 30 drinks. We love how it breaks down what type of drinks are being offered, the ingredients, even how the drink is served. Go, go now and download. And Hooch, let’s get on the DC thing?

Now onto Goldie’s…

What We Ordered

What We Thought

Goldie’s is on a trendy strip, and was bustling on a Tuesday night. It offers an indoor/outdoor vibe and a Scottish host, impossible to beat. I ate a delicious kale salad (I mean, it’s LA; what do you expect?), and fully appreciated the way they classed up this margarita.

We’ve talked about how 2015 was all things spicy tequila. It doesn’t yet seem that that trend has died, but we’ll embrace it with the same enthusiasm we’re embracing Bieber’s “Love Yourself” song. Egg white “meringue” and some saffron threads? Brilliant LA marketing at it’s finest. I was really just drinking a passion fruit margarita, but felt like I could be drinking it with Bond in a long sparkly gown…and if that isn’t the epitome of So Cal culture I don’t know what it is. And, for the record, we will definitely be using the word “meringue” anytime we make a drink with egg whites. Seeing egg whites in a drink menu automatically means that at least 50% of people won’t order it. Using the word “meringue” though…

All in all, the service was impeccable, the vibe was friendly, their drink menu was strong, and let’s not forget about that kale salad.

Roberts & June