Election Drinks: Great Again Cocktail Recipe

Election Drinks: Great Again Cocktail Recipe

Great Again Cocktail Recipe

We’re now counting down the days to the election and regardless of your stance on it, you’re probably more than ready to get the thing over with already. And you’re probably going to need a drink or five to get through it. We’re here for you, with our five drink election night menu. Today, a drink inspired by our Republican candidate.

Donald Trump’s campaign slogan calls us back to America’s good old days, presumably situated sometime in the ’50s. Whether, to what extent, and for whom this golden age existed in reality seems to be the big question of the election; it’s not a question we’ll get into here. What seems completely obvious to us, though, is that Donald Trump’s personal golden age would not be the ’50s, but the ’80s. The ‘Greed is Good’ ’80s fit Donald like a well-tailored suit. What is most definitely gauche now landed somewhere on the ‘glamorous’ spectrum then. Donald and Ivana were Manhattan’s ‘It’ couple. The first Trump Tower had just gone up. The Atlantic City casinos were being built.  Pink marble was in. I think there’s a large part of Donald that permanently resides in the ’80s.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Absolut Citron was unleashed on the drinking public in 1988, and as quick as you can say, ‘Tear down this wall!’ bars were flooded with Cosmopolitans. Making America great again is too lofty and contentious for us, but making the Cosmo great (again?) is a mission we can really get behind. We ditched the Citron; we have strong feelings about flavored vodkas. We replaced it with a crisp, clean local one. We also replaced the cranberry juice, updating to a more modern juice fad, the pomegranate. We kept it pink and a tad on the flamboyant side; would it be a Cosmo if it weren’t? Our updated Cosmo is perhaps something of a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless. It’s sweet and tart and refreshing, and looks pretty in a cocktail glass. 1980s, meet 2016; 2016, meet the ’80s.

Election Drinks: Great Again Cocktail Recipe


Variation: If you use cheap vodka in a very snazzy bottle, it’s called a Trump Hotel. Just kidding: don’t use bad vodka.


  • Shake vigorously for as long as you can handle.
  • Strain into a cocktail glass.
  • Garnish with a lime twist.

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