Eatbar Shows Us Whiskey’s Bright Side

Eatbar Shows Us Whiskey’s Bright Side

Eatbar Shows Us Whiskey’s Bright Side

Ever since our first entirely delightful visit for apps and drinks shortly after Eatbar opened, every time we pass by–which is all the time since it’s right around the corner–we say, ‘We should go back there to try their burger … and more drinks.’ Though it doesn’t seem like such a difficult thing to pull off, we’ve somehow not yet managed to eat the burger, but we did stop by recently for a quick drink.

Once again, Eatbar did not disappoint. It’s as if Eatbar was created just for us. It’s stylish and hip, but not stiflingly so. It’s modern but cozy. The bar staff have the professionalism you might expect in a speakeasy, but the nonchalance of a comfortable neighborhood bar. Our second visit made us all the more feel compelled to make it there for dinner–or at least for a quick round more often.

What We Ordered

Loc’ed After Dark: Armagnac, rye, dry vermouth, bitters

What We Thought

Loc’ed After Dark reminds us of the Blackthorn in the way it steers the basic components of a Manhattan in a dry direction. The swap of dry vermouth for sweet makes the drink crisp and clear, instead of warm. The addition of brandy does bring back just enough warmth to soften the edges, but that brandy being Armagnac rather than Cognac means that the pepperiness of the drink is at the same time accentuated.

If you’re in a whiskey mood, want some spice, but also want it light, head over to Eatbar for Loc’ed After Dark. If you happen to order the burger too, let us know how it is.

Roberts & June