Drink of the Week: Not Your Red Roses Cocktail Recipe

Drink of the Week: Not Your Red Roses Cocktail Recipe

Drink of the Week: Not Your Red Roses 

It’s bitters week. First, Embitterment taught us all about what makes bitters special. Then, to prove the point, we got this little beauty in a goodie package from our friends at Wigle.


As soon as we tasted it, we knew we had the featured ingredient in our Valentine’s Day drink. It’s like a bouquet of flowers for your mouth. We’re not saying that it should completely replace the more traditional bouquet for a vase, but it’s a mighty fine accompaniment.

For today’s drink, we once again turned to our new, old friend the Old Fashioned. For our spirit, we used brandy. We’re no experts on brandy; like bitters, it’s a new piece in our repertoire. But we felt that the fruitiness of brandy would soften the edges, letting the floral flavors of the bitters really shine. It’s the perfect nightcap for a romantic evening.

If you don’t happen to be in Pittsburgh, Wigle’s home, here’s a list of places that carries Wigle. You can also order bitters online from their website, but since it won’t arrive by Sunday you’d have to save Not Your Red Roses for another romantic evening.




Not Your Red Roses


  • 2 oz brandy (we used 1920, for what it’s worth)
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 2 generous dashes of Rosemary Lavender bitters


  • spoon the sugar into the bottom of an old fashioned glass
  • shake in enough bitters to saturate the sugar and mix
  • add the brandy–you may need to do a bit more stirring to help the sugar dissolve into the brandy
  • add ice











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