Drink Local Drink DC: Wisdom

Drink Local Drink DC: Wisdom

Drink Local Drink DC: Wisdom

Our friends at Wigle, told us ages ago that we should check out Wisdom. It was on our to-do list practically every week, and somehow we always failed.

Then we met Christina, the Owner and Founder of Black Pearl Tarts. Black Pearl Tarts is a fellow member at Union Kitchen. As an aside, one of the absolutely best parts about Union Kitchen is the incredible community of fun-loving, creative, entrepreneurs…who all love food! I’m still waiting to be invited over for a dinner party.

Christina & her husband also just moved to DC; so we decided to meet for drinks, and I eagerly wrote, “Please oh please let’s go to Wisdom.”

Wisdom was doing the craft cocktail thing well before most places jumped on board the cocktail bandwagon. While its website leaves something to be desired, the place itself is everything you want out of a cocktail lounge. It’s unique, yet cozy, with laid-back friendly staff, plenty of places to sit, and a great line-up drinks. Bonus, the owner blogs, trying to convert vodka drinkers to gin. Speaking our love language.

What We Ordered:

Don’t be bitter, baby!: Bluecoat Gin, Cynar, Giffard Apricot Liqueur

Capt. Jack’s Green Sparrow: Absinthe, coconut, grapefruit

What We Thought

Cynar is an artichoke liqueur that is made from 12 different herbs and plants. We normally find Cynar too bitter to make it a staple, but the apricot paired with it so nicely. It never would have occurred to me that artichoke and apricot would make such a good couple. It really wasn’t bitter, baby, thanks!

Capt. Jack’s Green Sparrow was divine. It tastes tropical and sophisticated all at once, and as I write this I immediately want another one. I think this drink could be excellent any time of year, the absinthe making it seem perfect for a cold winter night and the coconut making it seem like something to sip at a pool party. Again, it’s a great pair we never would have thought of.

Cheers, Wisdom. We’ll be back. You can count on that.

Roberts & June