Dexis Consulting Grand Opening + Blue Cocktail Recipe

Dexis Consulting Grand Opening + Blue Cocktail Recipe

Dexis Consulting Grand Opening

One of our favorite things to do is design custom cocktail menus for parties. We think that cocktails that suit the tastes of the host or the theme of the party make the party more special and enjoyable, and are more fun to drink. It’s also a nice spur to our creativity, simultaneously forcing us out of our ruts and limiting our options. Without Dexis Consulting, we never would have chosen blue.

We recently helped Dexis break in their new office, a charming, old, brick building, completely gutted and modernized inside, tucked away on a quiet alley a half block off of a busy intersection of much less picturesque office buildings.

Dexis’ assignment was for us was cocktails in the colors of Dexis’ logo: purple, clear, and blue. We already have clear and purple in our repertoire, but had to come up with something new for The Blue.

When you’re making a blue drink, there’s only one direction to turn. Blue being a primary color, you can’t make it through blending; you have to find it fully formed. And looking across the shelves of a liquor store, you’ll only see blue in one bottle: Blue Curacao.

Blue Curacao is, of course, an orange peel liqueur. It’s naturally clear, but dyed blue for unknown reasons; the blue doesn’t affect the flavor at all. It being essentially a gimmick, blue Curacao isn’t often found in the best cocktails, and is most often found on the bottom shelf of the liquor store, among other not entirely naturally colored liqueurs. Lucky for us, the spirits guy at our local liquor store, Schneider’s, was able to point us to a new, higher quality–ours is not to question why–blue, by Vedrenne. It was nice. It’s a little less bitter than our usual Pierre Ferrand, and lacked the warmth of Ferrand’s brandy base; but it was quite pleasant, more than good enough to do us and Dexis proud.

If you–for any reason–need a blue cocktail, try this one. It also works in a non-blue variety.  img_2673.jpg

The Blue Cocktail Recipe


  • 1/4 oz Vedrenne blue curacao–or orange curacao, if you don’t need it to be blue and/or can’t find Vedrenne
  • 1 1/2 oz silver tequila
  • 1 oz vermouth blanc
  • 1/2 oz St. Germain–just enough to add some sweetness and floral notes, but not enough to turn the drink green


  • Stir all ingredients with ice for 30 rotations.
  • Strain into a cocktail glass.

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