Cocktails While You Fly

Cocktails While You Fly

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Cocktails While You Fly

In one of my favorite food memoirs the author quotes another beloved food hero of mine, Lynn Rossetto Kasper from the Splendid Table, who says there are two types of people in the world, “people who wake up thinking about what to have for supper. And those that don’t.” I don’t know if it’s a nature or nurture thing, but I (and most of my family) fall into the first camp. I normally think about what I’ll eat for dinner at some point between the time I make coffee and the time I put on my make up. I sketch menu plans for the week when I’m bored in meetings, and I continuously scheme for when and where I can acquire the necessary ingredients.

As all this thinking about food and anticipating whatever meal comes next might indicate, one of my greatest fears is being without food.

Enter flying.

I have a fear of flying that’s a little different from what I think that normally means: when you fly, you could possibly get stuck somewhere for hours (days!) and (heaven forbid) be hungry.

I’ve dealt with my fear by incessantly packing snacks, especially when  I travel. If you saw the bag of snacks I carried with me, you might think I was planning a camping trip, not a 5 hour flight. And, yes, as I’m writing this I’m newly in touch with the depth of my control issues.

Despite my obsessive planning for a hunger-related emergency, up until now I’ve done a poor job at planning for the related problem of good drinks while I fly. And this really could take some attention. Drinking while flying seems to fall into 2 categories: bad, expensive drinks at the airport and bad, expensive drinks on the plane. I don’t really like bad, nor do I like paying dearly for bad things.

But if you’re like me and have to fly 6 hours to see your immediate family, AND you have a fear of being without; AND you have to travel through any city subject to the season of winter (and an-airport-closing-blizzard). Then THIS is for you. Drizly has put together the best, little drinking guide.

If you’re like me and plan ahead, you will go ahead and purchase all these in nip-sized bottles ahead of time. Seriously, don’t forget: nips < 3oz = game changer.

But if you just want to make your travel experience a bit more pleasant without the pre-planning, then you can make all of these drinks with what’s served on the plane.

Plan your meals and your drinks.  Pack some snacks. Pack some cocktails. Your holiday travel just got so much better.

Mile High Mixology Guide by Drizly (1)


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