12 Drinks of Christmas: The Christmas Martini

12 Drinks of Christmas: The Christmas Martini

12 Drinks of Christmas: The Christmas Martini


It’s the 12th drink of Christmas!

And for the twelfth drink of Christmas, my true love served to me … a Christmas Martini. It’s our final idea for making your holiday parties merry and your nights by the fire bright.

We’ve mentioned this drink before, in our review of Founding Farmers. This was the ‘Chief’s Pick.’ We were supposed to give the bartender a base spirit we liked and a flavor we were interested in. Steph chose gin or vodka for the spirit, and ‘Christmas’ for the flavor. The server brought out an interesting looking, rose colored, frothy drink which made our friend exclaim, when she tasted it, ‘Oh, that does taste like Christmas!’ Good job, Chief.

Chief didn’t give it a name, nor did he tell us the exact proportions. But he did tell us the ingredients, and we’ve been able to recreate it pretty well.

So, this Christmas, mix yourself a martini designed just for the day, and raise a glass to peace on earth, and good will to all.




  • shake the gin, allspice dram, lemon juice, and egg white vigorously without ice–to froth the egg white
  • add ice and shake again for 20 seconds
  • strain into a cocktail glass. If the egg white gets caught by the strainer, spoon some of it into the glass
  • shake some nutmeg on top of the froth

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