12 Drinks of Christmas: Mid-Winter Margarita

12 Drinks of Christmas: Mid-Winter Margarita

12 Drinks of Christmas: Mid-Winter Margarita


For the seventh drink of Christmas, my true served to me … a Mid-Winter Margarita, shaken in a Mason Shaker.

We know that the old Mason jar has become aggressively hipster recently (even The Atlantic, of all places, is talking about ‘the hipster vessel of choice.’ Of course, the article is thoughtful as always). Count us with the hipsters on this one. We got a cocktail shaker made from a Mason jar as a Christmas gift last year. Don’t tell our other Christmas gifts, but this was probably our favorite. We use it almost every day.

  • It’s big–you can mix up to 6 cocktails at once in it. We’ve measured (we don’t, by the way, do that every day).
  • It’s mix and match–a standard Mason lid can fit on it, making it a great cocktail carrier (or other things, I bet); or you can put the strainer top on a standard mason jar, turning that into a shaker.
  • It’s attractive–there is, of course, the charm of the Mason jar’s familiar shape used for an unusual purpose. Also, practically speaking, we really like being able to see the cocktail we’re mixing.

Photo cred: W&P design

We like our Mason Shaker so much that we want you to have one too. On Friday, we’ll be giving one away.

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Williams and Prum aren’t just good at designing cocktail shakers. They’ve come up with some pretty great cocktails as well; we featured a couple of them in our Fall Five. Here’s one for winter. It shows how a couple of small shifts (adding some grapefruit, changing a rim) can bring a drink into a whole new season.


Photo cred: W&P Design

The Mid-Winter Margarita


  • 2.25 oz tequila
  • 1 oz orange liqueur (W&P call for Cointreau, we use Curacao)
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 1 oz grapefruit juice
  • a slice of lime (for garnish and rim)
  • ground, dried chili peppers (for rim)
  • salt (for rim)


  • mix equal parts salt and dried chilis on a small plate;
  • gently run the slice of lime around the inside and outside edge of an old fashioned glass;
  • spin the rim of the glass in the chile salt mix until a nice, thick rim has been formed;
  • fill your old fashioned glass with ice;
  • combine tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and grapefruit juice with ice in your shaker (Mason or not);
  • shake vigorously for about 20 seconds;
  • strain into your glass, and garnish with the lime slice.


Photo cred: W&P Design

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