Where We’ve Been Drinking: Ace Hotel

Where We’ve Been Drinking: Ace Hotel

Where We’ve Been Drinking: Ace Hotel

Our final stop in our tour of Palm Springs watering holes shares some characteristics with the others (Morgan’s and Cliffhouse). Once again, the staff was relaxed, friendly, and helpful. Once again, while we had our choice of tables when we arrived at 5, the place was overflowing by 6. And once again, the setting takes the headline. At Ace Hotel, a neglected, tacky, mid-century motor lodge has been transformed into a hip, retro, kitschy-chic diner, bar, hotel, and swim club. Drinks were served in the cozy corner bar called the Amigo Room.

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What We Ordered

Syncerrity: gin, st. germain, sauvignon blanc, ginger kombucha

El Ray: tequila, grapefruit, lime, agave

Lady of Singapore: frozen tiki rum, coconut, grenadine

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What We Thought

The Amigo Room was a satisfying modern wink at the classic tiki bar. None of the drinks blew us away, but all of them satisfied. The Lady of Singapore was a guilty pleasure, almost primitive but delicious nonetheless. We’ve had several versions of El Ray over time–it’s basically a tequila version of a greyhound–but every time we have it, the bittersweet flavor surprises and delights. We’ll have to remember it this time. We were intrigued by the kombucha in the Syncerrity and surprised by just how well it blended with so many of our beloved staples.

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So Should You Go?

I wouldn’t make the trip to Palm Springs just for the cocktails at the Ace Hotel. But if you find yourself there (you know possibly for a long weekend in the middle of February), it’s an enjoyable place to spend a semi-ironic, wholly pleasant tiki evening.

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