What We’ve Been Drinking: The Bastard Cocktail Recipe

Posted on Jan 28, 2016

What We’ve Been Drinking: The Bastard

We helped some friends from grad school celebrate MLK day by mixing drinks. It was a cozy party, filled with a¬†warmth that only comes when there is a whole room filled with people who are delighted to see each other. There were so many joyful “hellos!” and hugs as different guests entered through the door. We love getting to be a part of the mix, handing folks a beverage, making sure their lips feels as full as their hearts. Also, it’s hard to beat the winter sunset view of DC from 12 stories up, floor-to-ceiling windows.

The theme for the night was Cocchi Americano. We’ve told you endlessly how we love Cocchi, and–let’s be honest–everyone loves Cocchi. Reminiscing about our wedding cocktails reminded us of this great drink with a fabulous name, that you guessed it, also entails Cocchi. While most definitely still a strong whiskey drink, the Cocchi lightens and sweetens the drink so nicely. Also, we learned that the vermouth is a must; it creates space for Cocchi’s delicate flavor to shine through.

The Bastard



  • Place all ingredients in ice-filled shaker
  • Stir 40 rotations
  • Strain and serve in cocktail glass

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