The Christmas List: Beaker Style Mixing Glass

The Christmas List: Beaker Style Mixing Glass

The Christmas List: Beaker Style Mixing Glass

As we write this post, people are wrestling one another in WalMart for the last item in stock of an unbelievable deal on the new XBox. That can only mean one thing: Christmas shopping season has begun. In light of that, we’ll be using this week’s posts to feature our holiday gift suggestions for the cocktail lover in your life.

Today, we’d like to recommend an upgrade in their mixing glass game.

One of our fundamental beliefs at Roberts & June is that making good cocktails doesn’t have to be complicated. You can get pretty far with a handful of bottles, an ordinary pint glass, a jigger, a spoon, and a strainer. The beauty of cocktails, though, is that while they can be pretty simple, you can also make them as sophisticated as your preferences and the room in your liquor cabinet allow.

For example, up until now, we ourselves have done all of our mixing in pint glasses. Then, for the first time, at the Magnus cocktail competition we discovered the pleasure of using a beaker style mixing glass instead. Our trusty old pint glass is cheap, handy, and convenient. It gets the job done perfectly well; there’s no difference in the quality of drink between a pint glass and a beaker. The experience of mixing the drink was utterly different, though. There was just something about the feel of the solid base, the clink of the spoon against the thick, crystal-like glass, and the ease of pouring from the small, sharp spout.


We immediately put a beaker style mixing glass on our Christmas list. If you have a cocktail enthusiast in your life, and want them to feel special as they mix, consider it for them as well. Maybe with a set of bar spoons in the stocking.


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