Thanksgiving Made Easy: The Hip Flask Cocktail Recipe

Posted on Nov 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Made Easy: The Hip Flask Cocktail Recipe

This week, we’ve been featuring super easy recipes for slightly harried Thanksgiving dinner hosts. Today we shift the focus to guests.

Your friend’s family have graciously invited you to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s very kind of them to include you in their family gathering, and to add one more to an already full house. Their delightful people. Their house is lovely. They’re great cooks. There’s just one problem: they don’t drink. With all due respect for their choice, Thanksgiving dinner–and especially this one–just shouldn’t be dry. You’re going to have to spike that Martinelli’s.

We’re here to help you figure out what to smuggle in in your purse. Let’s be a little more creative than a shot of vodka; you’re not a teenager anymore after all, and this isn’t the prom.


The Hip Flask Cocktail Recipe


In your purse

  • 2 oz reposado tequila
  • .5 oz orange curacao
  • 1 dash mole bitters

At the venue

  • 4 oz Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider


  • Before you leave for the party, combine the tequila, curacao, and bitters and store in a discreet, sealable bottle, like nip bottles or a hip flask.
  • At the party, pour yourself a half glass of Martinellis. On the rocks is preferable, if you can swing it without drawing attention. Straight is fine.
  • Surreptitiously add your pre-mixed cocktail.



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