Sweater Weather Cocktail Recipe

Sweater Weather Cocktail Recipe

Sweater Weather Cocktail Recipe

When the 90 degree weather kept pushing its way further and further into September, we thought autumn might never come, but there’s recently been a decided shift in the air. Last week, we finally shut off the AC and opened the windows. Last night, for the first time we had to shut the windows because it got a little chilly. This hinge of the year–when football season has started, but baseball hasn’t ended–is a sweet time. It’s still pleasant–in fact, more pleasant–to sit out on our patio. The middle of the day is that perfect temperature that’s neither too hot nor too cold, and after months of wearing summer clothes, putting on a sweater in the morning and the evening feels fun and novel. The mint in our herb garden, after a good long run, is finally dying off; so it’s time to say goodbye to the Southside. That’s a little sad, but it’s much less sad when we remember that we get to break out the apples, and pumpkin, and whiskey.

So, raise a toast to autumn with this apple-cinnamon old fashioned. We’ll follow with more fall drinks the rest of the week.


  • 2 oz whiskey–we used Wigle’s O’Zapft is Oktoberfest whiskey–’tis the season–and it was delicious. Sadly it’s now sold out. You have to move fast with these limited series. A well-rounded Bourbon like Eagle Rare, if you can find it, would work well.
  • 2 T cinnamon apple syrup*
  • 1 dash aromatic (Angostura) bitters


  • Combine bitters and syrup in the bottom of an old fashioned glass.
  • Add whiskey, and stir lightly to mix.
  • Fill with ice.

*Cinnamon Apple Syrup

  • The same as the cinnamon syrup from the Zombie recipe, but add a quarter of an apple, diced, to the pot.

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