Super Bowl Party | Cocktail II “The Halftime Show”

Super Bowl Party | Cocktail II “The Halftime Show”

Super Bowl Cocktail II

You can’t have a football game without two teams. Why would you have a Super Bowl party without two cocktails? While Next Year is the Vegas favorite we think the Halftime Show has a chance of covering the spread, or maybe even winning outright.

We know that the key to the Halftime Show is its surprise third ingredient, but we had a very hard time choosing what that third ingredient should be.  The contenders are Bonal, our current favorite vermouth cousin, and Cardamaro, an unusual, wine-based, thistle-flavored amaro. Each of them adds some rich sweetness and spice to the mix. The Bonal is smoother, but the Cardamaro adds more spice and a nice hint of sour. We couldn’t decide. You choose, or add your own contender.

The Halftime Show

serves 12


  • 1.5 cups Bourbon
  • 3 oz Bonal or Cardamaro
  • 3 cups ginger beer (we use Fever Tree)


  • mix Bourbon and your chosen fortified wine in the pitcher
  • fill pitcher with ice
  • top with ginger beer

Roberts & June