Summer Drink Cocktail Recipe: Jump for Joy

Summer Drink Cocktail Recipe: Jump for Joy

Summer Drink Cocktail Recipe: Jump for Joy

We first encountered this drink at Puritan & Co, a short walk across the train tracks from our beloved Union Square neighborhood in Somerville. I think we only ended up going to Puritan & Co once before moving, but in that one visit it introduced us to a cocktail that will keep it in our memory for a long time.

Jump for Joy combines many of our favorite things in a drink: vermouth, Chartreuse, complexity of flavor at a low alcohol content, and ease of experimentation.

On that last subject, while we think this drink is absolutely great with Chartreuse, substituting another favorite liqueur for it works really well too. We happen to have a lot of creme de violette around right now after Mother’s Day; we gave it a try, and it turns out that a Purple Jump is quite refreshing. When we’re trying to economize, we use Strega instead of its pricier cousin Chartreuse. It’s hard to imagine a liqueur that isn’t at least worth trying. You really can’t go wrong. We love the endless experimenting, and yet we always come back to the original too.

Depending on your tastes, and on what liqueur you use, your seltzer needs could vary quite a bit. So, pour in a little at a time, adjusting until you get it the way you want it. We used 2 oz with the bolder and stronger tasting Chartreuse, and no seltzer at all with the Violette.


  • 2 oz dry vermouth
  • .5 oz green Chartreuse (or alternative liqueur)
  • 2 oz seltzer (adjust to taste)


  • Combine the vermouth and Chartreuse in an ice-filled old fashioned glass.
  • Slowly pour the seltzer on the top of the drink.

Roberts & June