Post Conference Networking Event

Posted on Aug 1, 2013

Post Conference Networking Event

Post Conference Networking Event

Conferences are one of the best ways to get inspired and meet new people. And meeting new people is definitely more enjoyable when great (and extremely subsidized) drinks are at your disposal.


For this fun gathering of leaders interested in the intersection of faith and secular culture, we brought the post-session drinks right to them so that they wouldn’t have to try to find their way to a decent bar in a strange city. Instead they stepped through a door or two and had sophisticated beverages and some tasty snacks immediately. After 9 hour sessions on a hot summer day, these cool drinks kept people talking till the sun came up.


We paired 4 signature drinks, with 3 classics, and gallons and gallons of homemade popcorn varieties. It’s America’s favorite (and messiest) snack, and we’re big fans.

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