Croatian Embassy Adaptive Leadership Network Launch

Posted on Mar 26, 2016

Croatian Embassy Adaptive Leadership Network Launch

Croatia Week: Party at the Embassy 

We had the honor of spending a recent evening at the Croatian Embassy with the HKS DC Alumni Council. It was our first experience on Embassy Row, and it didn’t disappoint. The embassy had all of the combined grandeur and charm you’d hope for from an 85-year-old mansion. We followed the trail of fine Croatian art from the St. Jerome statue (Jerome was born in what is now Croatia. Who knew?) in the circle drive to the large and well-appointed second floor foyer where we set up our bar and spent the evening serving drinks to the ambassador (whom you could easily pick out in the crowd without any hint) and about 80 Kennedy School alumni.

We don’t get nearly as much opportunity to travel as we would like. So we use events like this one as fun, highly targeted ways to learn about other cultures by researching, tasting, and experimenting with their locally favored fermented beverages. It’s amazing to see how pretty much every culture figures out how to turn what is readily available or well-liked in their neighborhood into an alcoholic drink.

The event was sort of a reunion of participants in Ronald Heifetz’s crazily popular class on Adaptive Leadership. We designed custom cocktails for the event, using Croatian liquor for the ingredients and Adaptive Leadership catchphrases for the names.

The Menu

MirroringBadel Zrinski brand, muddled grapes, sugar, bitters, seltzer, a basil leaf (recipe)

On the Balcony: gin, Maraska marschino liqueur, green Chartreuse, grapefruit juice, lime wedge (recipe)

Work Avoidance: white wine, orange liqueur (we used Aperol), Maraska marschino liqueuer, lemon juice, honey, orange slice (recipe)

2343 Mojo (mocktail): cherry juice, lime juice, sugar, mint, soda, thyme (recipe)


st jerome


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