Company Holiday Party w. Pinkston Group

Posted on Dec 18, 2015

Company Holiday Party w. Pinkston Group

Company Holiday Party

‘Tis the season for staff Christmas parties.

The Pinkston Group knows how to do it right, and we were fortunate to play a part in their lovely evening. The Pinkstons were warm and generous hosts, with an ideal, large and open, but comfortable, space for a party. The food was made by Chef Jerome Grant of the Museum of the American Indian, widely known as the best museum restaurant around. We added the cocktails, one designed just for them, and three chosen from our menus by staff vote.

Sampling, ingredient tasting, and a demonstration of the featured drink of the night helped people decide which drinks to try.

What We Served

The Old Fashioned: Guests knew this was their drink and they were loyal to it the entire evening.

The Pinkston: The signature drink of the night. It took people awhile to warm up to egg whites (tempting us to not tell people about that in the future) but once they gave it a try, they loved it.

Mid-Winter Margarita: Slightly wintry but still so margarity, and therefore beloved.

Spicy Lady: This was the gateway drink to try all other drinks.

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