Patio Date Spritzer Cocktail Recipe

Patio Date Spritzer Cocktail Recipe

Patio Date Spritzer Cocktail Recipe

We haven’t yet used a sparkling wine during our attempts to spritz our way trough the current heat wave. Perfect as sparkling wine is for summer drinking, that seems like a gap that has to be filled. However, since sparkling wine is basically self-spritzing with its innate crisp bubbliness, adding seltzer doesn’t quite seem like the right approach. What do you add to sparkling wine to make it a spritzer, instead of merely sparkling wine on the rocks?

This is where our friends at Wild Roots Apothecary come in. We’ve used their botanical spirits before to add complexity to mocktails, or a dash of extra flavor to tonics. It turns out that a splash of botanical syrup adds just that little something extra we were hoping for. Their Rosehip Hibiscus syrup made our spritzer a beautiful, dark red color, and it added a nice dash of herbs and fruit to the flavor.


  • 5 oz dry, white sparkling wine
  • 1 oz Wild Roots Rosehip Hibiscus botanical syrup


  • Pour sparkling wine into a glass..
  • Fill with ice.
  • Top with syrup, which will mix into the wine over time.

Roberts & June