Liquor 101: Soda Siphon + Higher Rum Mango Highball Cocktail Recipe

Posted on Jan 20, 2017

Liquor 101: Soda Siphon

As we mentioned earlier this week, we were so excited on Christmas morning to find all sorts of new bar tools under the tree. We talked already about our first experiments with our new whipped cream dispenser. Today, we’re playing with our soda siphon. We discovered quickly that soda siphons and whipped cream dispensers use identical technology, differing mainly in capacity. It’s more than okay with us to have both, though, since we have all sorts of ideas for foams, sodas, rapid infusions, and even carbonated cocktails. We’re sure that we’ll have more than enough work for both a small and a large dispenser.

With our soda siphon, like with our whipped cream dispenser, we started simple, making a custom mango-lime soda. At the suggestion of Liquid Intelligence, we used a 3:1 water to syrup ratio, which seemed to be right. We liked our first soda attempt so much, we immediately created a rum highball for it.

The Higher Rum Mango Highball Cocktail Recipe


  • 2 oz rum
  • 1/2 oz orange curacao
  • 4 oz freshly homemade mango-lime soda


  • Mix the curacao and rum in a highball glass.
  • Fill the glass with ice.
  • Add soda. We siphoned the soda separately first, for the sake of measuring. But you could also add the soda straight from the siphon if you like, doing the measurement by eye.