Fall Forward Cocktail Recipe

Fall Forward Cocktail Recipe

Fall Forward Cocktail Recipe

We had a fun time experimenting with this drink. The apple elements were clear from the beginning. We knew we wanted a dry, hard cider, to bring in apple flavor but with a minimum of syrupy-ness. And Baltimore Whiskey Company’s 1904 Ginger Apple Liqueur was the whole reason for being for this drink. We think any apple brandy could work, but the extra snap from the ginger is what we really wanted.

For our base, we almost went with gin, because of the way that it brought out the amaro, but the smoothness of the brandy won out in the end.

The amaro was our most difficult choice. A strong contender was Don Ciccio & Figli’s absolutely decadent Amaro delle Sirene. Whenever we make an amaro-heavy cocktail, we feel drawn almost irresistibly in the direction of its curiously luscious bitter menthol flavor. However, we did resist this time. We were in a smooth mood, which Nonino’s gentle caramel finish matched better.

It was touch-and-go whether this drink ended up a gin base with Sirene, or a brandy base with Nonino. Try them both, and let us know if you think we chose well.



  • Stir all ingredients with ice for 3o rotations.
  • Strain into a cocktail glass.

Roberts & June