Drink of the Week: Thursday’s Comfort

Drink of the Week: Thursday’s Comfort

Drink of the Week: Thursday’s Comfort

Truth be told: I hate Thursdays. I know everyone talks about Wednesday being the worst as it’s hump day, or Monday because it’s the start of the week, or perhaps Sunday as the reality sets in that the weekend will in fact end. But for me, I’ll throw my hat in the ring and make a strong case for Thursday: on day 4 it’s very likely that you’re more tired than day 3; unlike Monday where you can at least be consoled that if you’re less than productive you still have the rest of the week to compensate, Thursday taunts you with it’s reminders that time is running out for the thousand items on your to-do list to be accomplished. Friday is too far away to feel hopeful. Thursdays are just the worst. If I cry at work (I once learned that not everyone does this). It’s always on a Thursday.

(The entire previous paragraph counts as first world problems and now I feel worse about myself as a human).

We made this drink on a Thursday which per the usual was less than pleasant. After our trip to Chaplin’s I had been really intrigued by what combining Chartreuse with rye would taste like. I love the grassy, herbal taste of chartreuse but it’s almost always served with a citrus. Any form of citrus, but especially lemon and lime, always connote bright, light, and cheer. And well, as stated, that’s not what my Thursdays call for.

We mentioned earlier that in playing around with cocktail creations, it’s helpful to start with a base as a framework. Using the Negroni as my framework (a 1-1-1 combination of three different liquors), I combined Bourbon and Chartreuse, and for my third liquor I went with port. Port in my opinion is always perfect for either a) a really romantic date night dessert or b) a really wallow-in-your-sorrows type of day.

I was sold. It’s dark and rich and the perfect combination of serious (to, you know, console my Thursday mantra that life is hard) and sweet (to console my sweet tooth that develops when I think life is hard).

Try it for yourself on a Thursday, or whatever day you deem to be the worse. And please beware that the mental health professionals out there would probably suggest something like “going for a run” to cope with the stressors of the work week. Thank you, noted.

Thursday’s Comfort



  • 2 oz rye
  • 2 oz ruby port
  • 2 oz green chartreuse


  • Combine all ingredients into a shaker
  • Add ice
  • Per our instructions on Monday, stir–don’t shake–for 20 seconds
  • Strain into martini glasses

Serves 2


Roberts & June