DC Dinner Club

DC Dinner Club

DC Dinner Club

We’ve mentioned before that one of us (the one who doesn’t work for the federal government) has their office at WeWork, the hip shared office company that is taking over DC and a couple of other cities. It’s a great place to work, giving small start ups an office with some of the amenities that and more of the trendiness than larger companies offer. One of the best things about working at WeWork is the frequent free food events: breakfast on Monday, boozy root beer floats on Friday, novelty ice cream products on an especially hot day.

The problem with all of these fun social events is that they don’t end up being as social as you might think. During the middle of a busy workday, it’s all too tempting to just grab your root beer float and take it back to your desk, never even meeting the cool entrepreneur in the office next to you–that’s certainly what I did on Friday. The clever WeWork staff is working against this antisocial tendency with an underground, limited attendance, word of mouth only new program called Dinner Club. At Dinner Club, a relatively small number of WeWorkers gathers after hours for a relaxed dinner when you actually meet and get to talk with your office neighbors over some good food and, of course, a cocktail. For the most recent Dinner Club, they asked us to come back and reprise our martini bar.

The Cocktail Menu

Vodka Martinis, with Republic Restoratives crisp, clean Civic vodka; dry vermouth; and an olive

Gin Martinis, with Baltimore Whiskey Company’s high-proof, slightly citrus Shot Tower gin; dry vermouth; and a lemon twist

The Martinez, the featured drink of the night, with Shot Tower, sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur, bitters, and a gold leaf garnish

We loved the chance to learn the names of some of our fellow WeWorkers as we mixed them a drink. It was an excellent way to spend a Friday night. We hope we’re invited next time, whether to tend bar again or by getting one of those word of mouth invitations. If you get invited, you should definitely go too; we’d love to learn your name and grab a drink and some dinner together.

It’s gotten us thinking more broadly about this dinner club idea too. Maybe we should start our own dinner club, maybe to meet our own actual neighbors at home. If you like the idea too, we’d love to tend bar for your dinner club; or you could use our DIY martini bar or DIY tonic bar. There’s nothing better than getting to know someone over a drink.

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